Product Landing Page
I manage any and all updates to the Contrast Serverless landing page including adding content about new features, producing and adding white papers and data sheets, as well as blogs.



A few examples of slides I’ve crafted breaking down the benefits and differentiators new Instrumented Dynamic Analysis features introduced to Contrast’s Serverless product.
These are used as marketing assets incorporated into white papers, keynotes, webinars, and sales team material.How Exploitable Are Your Lambda Functions
Contrast’s Serverless Instrumented Dynamic Analysis
Instrumented Dynamic Analysis Features

Data Sheets

I work with product, marketing, and sales teams to write, design, and produce data sheets for Contrast Serverless, Partnerships, and Integrations.
Secure AWS Lambda and Microsoft Azure Functions
Contrast Security and Wiz Integration: Better Together
Contrast Security and AWS: The Best in Application Security Partnerships
Contrast Security and AWS Security Hub Integration: Streamlining Security with Holistic Insights
Contrast Serverless and AWS Inspector: Strengths
Contrast Serverless and AWS Inspector: Better Together

White Papers

Final draft an white paper I authored as a gated content, an educational piece which breaks down potential vulnerabilities and how to protect against them in a serverless environment based on the OWASP security community recommendations.

Five Serverless Security “Gotchas”
Integrating SAP Concur and NetSuite
Best Practices for Integrating EDI and NetSuite

More Copy
Written with an eye on strategic messaging and SEO optimization, these often are written with  videos and infographics and infographics which help flesh out and illustrate the overarching story

Landing Pages
What is iPaaS?
Leader in NetSuite Integration and Automation
Ecommerce automation simplified

The Path to a Healthy Supply Chain

Case Studies
Simple Energy: the efficiency experts practice what they preach
Integrator.io: Automating Dastmalchi’s Global Expansion

Data Sheets
Automate Bank Transactions in NetSuite


At Aqua Security, I project managed, produced, and copyedited over 70 cybersecurity blog posts and thought leadership pieces, many of them highly detailed and often authored by non-native English speakers. Due to their urgency, most Threat Alert pieces had to be turned around in less than 36 hours, which competed with a pre-planned marketing calendar. This included unique graphic headers, Infographics, CTAs, SEO reviews, titles and meta data completion. With a prodigious publishing schedule, I managed the day-to-day planning and was hands-on with each piece.

Aqua Security Blog
Cloud Security Trends for 2023
Zero-Day Attack Prevention Through Supply Chain Security
What To Know: A Summary of the Compliance Guide to SSDF
Threat Alert: Cloud Network Bandwidth Now Stolen through Cryptojacking
Threat Alert: New Malware in the Cloud By TeamTNT
Threat Alert: Phishing as a Service to Ramp Up Supply Chain Attacks
Text4Shell: CVE-2022-42889 in Apache Commons Text Explained

ISV Product Landing Pages on the Red Hat Marketplace
Along with helping launch the actual site, I worked directly at the Red Hat Marketplace with ISV partners to build out their individual landing pages. This included white-glove onboarding of content, verifying contracts, setting prices, vetting and publishing marketing assets, testing their product operators, and publishing and maintaining their presence.
Aqua Security
Kong Konnect Enterprise
IBM Cloud Pak for Security
Akka Platform Operator
Hazelcast Jet

Case Study / Testimonial Videos
Several testimonial videos I edited and produced. This involves sifting through hours of raw footage to find the best nuggets to construct the right message to tell the platforms story and successful outcomes.

Why Gappify chose Celigo’s iPaaS to integrate their product with customers’ systems

Fast Four explains why they switched to Celigo’s iPaaS to build integrations for their customers

Red Hat Marketplace Onboarding How-To Videos
Idealized as a self-service site for ISVs, I wrote, captured, produced, edited and narrated a series of tutorials to guide partners on Go-To-Market resources and how to update and maintain their product landing pages.

RHM: Partner Go-to-Market Hub
RHM: Setup Control Codes
RHM: Setup Company Info
RHM: Setup Product Details
RHM: Setup Keywords and Categories
RHM: Setup Free Trials & Freemiums
RHM: Setup Feature Details

Visa-Fidelity App video

Promo Video: Writer / Video Editor

While working at the Visa Innovation Center, I conceived, wrote copy, and video edited short internal video illustrating the what the Center is and it’s most recent pilot project with Fidelity Financial for their +529 product mobile app.

Click here to watch the video Fidelity’s +529 product mobile app

Visa Innovation Center

Content Coordinator: Innovation Center Presentations

As manager of content for presentations at Visa’s Innovation Center at 1 Market Plaza, I worked with engineers, developers, creatives, executives to deliver experiential marketing for FinTech.  This involved participating in showcasing prototype e-commerce apps including internet of things (IoT), mobile, connected car, and fintech.


RHM: Partner Go-to-Market Hub
RHM: Setup Control Codes
RHM: Setup Company Info
RHM: Setup Product Details
RHM: Setup Keywords and Categories
RHM: Setup Free Trials & Freemiums
RHM: Setup Feature Details
Why Gappify chose ipaas
Why Fast Four switched
Visa Innovation Center: Fidelity +529 Mobile App
Visa Innovation Center: Future of Payments
Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Holiday 
Mr. Plimpton

VR Demo – Unity 3D

Although not a game developer, I do enjoy dabbling in new technologies. Below is a sample video of a demo game I created.  A first-person experience, the user is emerged in the world of the Minotaur.

In an effort to experiment with virtual reality development, this experience, built with Unity3D engine, could be viewed on a traditional monitor or on a virtual reality headset.

Official YouTube Partner

Official YouTube Partner

As an Official YouTube Partner, my channel currently has nearly 8,000 subscribers, 8.7 million unique views, and streams an average of 84,000 minutes per m0nth.

With over 250 available videos, I have developed a robust community, and weekly must moderate hundreds of comments.

The channel is also supported by a website on WordPress with a group on Facebook, an account on Twitter, and presence on several other social networks.

Click here to view my YouTube Partner channel