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Working between Twitter’s Creative Studio, Global Communications, and Brand Marketing teams, I coordinated the production, relaunch, and day-to day maintenance of content on five official, public-facing Twitter Blogs.

Responsibilities include ensuring timely publishing of company messaging worldwide, product and policy announcements, developing publishing calendars, overseeing and establishing workflows and in-bound work requests form all departments, interviewing and advising potential hires by recruitment, content publishing, on-boarding, and managing day-to-day working relationships with all departments involved official messaging published on the Official Twitter Blog, Twitter’s Marketing Blog, Twitter’s Developer Blog, Twitter’s Engineering Blog, and Twitter’s Investor Relations Blog.

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SEO & UX: Twitter Blog Cards

Copy Editor Twitter Blog Cards

As blog content coordinator, I composed tight descriptions that had to be less than 140-characters, which summarized an article’s post.

Click here view samples

When a blog article is posted on social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, these meta-descriptions are included in the cards.

These descriptions create a better a user experience and increase the click-through rate rather than the automated feature, which merely repeated the title.  Using Google Analytics, we have been optimizing these descriptions over the last several months, seeing impressive results.

Article: The Dawn of Stanley Kubrick

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Read the article

Marking the 50th anniversary of the release of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, we take a step back to look at his earliest film, The Day of the Fight.

The Day of the Fight is the primary touchstone from which Stanley Kubrick’s unique cinematic style would evolve.

Read the article The Dawn of Stanley Kubrick here >>>


User Guides & Knowledge Base

Author: User Guides & Knowledge Base

While at Twitter and with other companies including Visa, Universal Music Group, Agilent, and NASA, I have been responsible for on-boarding  content managers who will be using the content management system day-to-day.

Along with in-person tutorials and walkthroughs, one of my responsibilities has been to compose. maintain, and expand  the Knowledge Base, which can be on Confluence, Wikis, or even traditional printed hard copies.

Visa-Fidelity App video

Promo Video: Writer / Video Editor

While working at the Visa Innovation Center, I conceived, wrote copy, and video edited short internal video illustrating the what the Center is and it’s most recent pilot project with Fidelity Financial for their +529 product mobile app.

Click here to watch the video Fidelity’s +529 product mobile app

Visa Innovation Center

Content Coordinator: Innovation Center Presentations

As manager of content for presentations at Visa’s Innovation Center at 1 Market Plaza, I work with engineers, developers, creatives, executives to deliver experiential marketing for FinTech.  This involved participating in showcasing prototype e-commerce apps including internet of things, mobile, connected car, e-finance.


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User Guides and Knowledge Articles
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Universal Music – Social Bulletins

Co-Author of Direct Marketing Bulletin

Social Reports and Project Manager for Universal Music Social Marketing bi-monthly Bulletin.

Agilent CMS site

Site Builder of Agilent’s Digital Library

Took over and rebuilt Agilent Technologies’ Digital library – hub